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6 Benefits of Lift Chair for the Elderly

by lu Jane on August 02, 2021

Do you also think that a power lift recliner chair is only needed when the elderly are sick or have limited mobility? But this is a one-sided view. Compared with ordinary chairs, lift chairs have more additional functions, and they are more suitable to become exclusive daily chairs for the elderly. Let’s take a look at how the power lift chair can improve the quality of life for seniors and health conditions!

Esright power lift recliner chair

1. Practicality

A qualified lift chair recliner should be equipped with a handheld remote control and present different angles according to the wishes of the elderly to suit a variety of life scenarios. According to different angles, a electric lift chair can have multiple definitions. It can be a single sofa, a leisure chair, or a recliner. The USB port on the side of the power lift recliners can be connected to mobile phones and iPads anytime and anywhere. Going online, watching TV, chatting, listening to music, enjoying afternoon tea, and sleeping, it seems that the elders in the family can stay in this lift recliner all day.

leather lift chair

2. Reduce the risk of orthostatic hypertension (OHT)

Orthostatic hypertension generally refers to increased blood pressure in the standing position, but normal blood pressure in the supine position. In other words, if a part of seniors suddenly stands up from a chair, they are likely to experience dizziness due to increased blood pressure, and in severe cases, they may fall. The use of lift chairs for the elderly can reduce this risk. You can cleverly control the ascent speed, stand up slowly, and allow time for blood pressure to return to normal levels.

leather lift chair

3. Relieve muscle pain

The biggest advantage of the Esright electric recliner provided by Homrest is the massage and lumbar heating function. 8 massage points and 4 massage areas will provide the elderly with muscle relaxation services from the back, lumbar, thighs to calves. In addition, the lumbar heating function can be activated, and different massage modes and intensities can be selected to eliminate edema, promote blood circulation, and allow the elderly to have a better sleep experience.

leather recliner

4. Enjoy your nap time safer

As the age increases, the sleep time of the elderly gradually decreases. For the body to gain more energy, napping time is particularly important. The perfect lift chairs for seniors have a very stable base frame, a powerful silent lift motor, and a zero-gravity position to ensure that the elderly can take a safer nap in the correct posture. No matter how long you sleep, you don’t have to worry about falling during this period.

5. Get a good posture

Compared with the rigid design structure of ordinary chairs, the sleep chair recliner designed with ergonomic concept fits the human spine better, and it can adjust the spine to a correct position. For the elderly with mild spine curvature, it can correct the posture of the spine; For people with severe spine curvature, the Homrest Leather Lift Chair can relieve their back pain and delay this irreversible process. Open the footrest to raise the legs, thereby promoting the circulation of body fluids in the legs, and reducing the risk of varicose arteries while maintaining muscle tension.

power lift chair

6. Longer service life

If the elderly are more dependent or prefer to use the power lift recliner chair as their exclusive chair, then this requires manufacturers to use stronger materials and higher-end motor systems to ensure that the electric lift recliner chair can be used for a long time and with multiple frequencies. The Esright Dual Motor Power Recliner driven by dual motors (electric and TUV) will be more stable and safer than a single lift recliner chair. The backrest and pedals can be individually controlled, providing an adjustable and comfortable sitting and lying position for the elderly. The motor is quiet and stable. Make the service life of the Esright power lift recliner longer.

esright recliner chair

In general, a high-quality power lift recliner can make the elderly have a more pleasant mood and a better life experience. If you also want the elders at home to get a premium Esright Fabric Electric Recliner exclusively for them, don't hesitate to visit Homrest or contact us in time. We will provide you with professional selection suggestions and answer all your questions. Including the functions and features of the Perfect Sleep Chair, and even meet your budget (we provide a safe installment payment method)!