Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

by Eric Wei on April 01, 2021

During your quest for the ideal desk chair, you may have come across the age-old debate about whether a gaming chair or an office chair is better. In reality, the two chairs aren't as interchangeable as you might think.

Next up, we’re breaking down some elements to help you decide which one is best for you: 

Homrest gaming chair & office chair

Design and Aesthetics

A typical office chair has a subtle design that is intended to fit in rather than stand out, as such, they have basic controls and simple features. The majority of models are available in muted shades of black and gray, and are typically upholstered in nylon fabric or mesh.

A gaming chair, on the other hand, stands out for its contoured ergonomic style with a tall backrest, thick padding, and flexible arms are included. Some gaming chairs have bold designs that are based on racing cars while others have more subtle designs that can be used in an office environment. 



Side-by-side, office chairs tend to be more comfortable than gaming chairs — for short periods of sitting at least. That is because, for most people, office chair features are familiar and easy to use.

Gaming chairs meanwhile are designed for fixing unhealthy sitting behaviors. There are models for all body sizes, from thin to extra-large. A supportive foundation for the legs and buttocks is provided by a thickly padded seat. The spine is cradled by a tall padded backrest. The natural curves of the spine are supported by adjustable neck and lumbar pillows.

These components, when used as desk chairs, allow users to sit in a balanced, safe posture.



The backrest and armrests of a traditional office chair are fixed with more modification options being available in gaming chairs to promote balanced sitting. You can adjust the backrest, support pillows, and armrest positions when sitting.

In an office chair, slouching is your best choice for staying relaxed while your back muscles get tired. All you have to do in a gaming chair is lean into the backrest. This will help with maintaining a proper posture and provide relief for sore muscles.



Most of the popular office chairs sell for less than $150 and they typically come with 30-day to 6-month warranties. The cheapest gaming chairs range from $120 to $200 and they are normally covered by a one-year warranty, while the most expensive esports chairs range from $350 to $550 with warranties between 2 to 5 years.

In general, you can expect more regular use out of a gaming chair thanks to it’s convenient assistance for prolonged periods of time than an office which is designed for the opposite.