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Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits?

by lu Jane on April 02, 2021

Many people understand the benefits of massage treatments, however, just as many simply don't have time to get an appointment with a therapist. So, many of them are now turning to massage chairs to provide the relief their bodies desperately crave.

Massage chairs are designed to relieve body aches and pains by following the motions of one of two types of techniques:

  • Shiatsu: Pressure is added in sweeping, patting, or rotating movements. It’s used to release tension and restore blood circulations.
  • Swedish Massage: It has long gliding strokes and kneading motions. It’s used to restore circulation and allow the entire body to relax and revive.

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Investing in a massage chair is ideal for people who frequently experience body aches, so in case you’re not convinced, here’s a list of the main medical benefits a massage chair can bring:


Improved Breathing, Stress Relief And Relaxation

A massage chair session can have a great impact on your breathing. Instead of relying on short, sharp breaths, you will be breathing deeply and healthily following regular massage chair sessions. It will also improve your mood and decrease your stress and tension levels as it relaxes your muscles.



Improved Blood Circulation And Boosted Immune System

By massaging your muscles, your blood flow will increase, helping with circulation and absorption of nutrients into organs, muscles, and tissues. Along with the increase in blood flow, the massage also allows the body to release toxins away from the lymphatic system, helping your immune system work better.



Improved Posture And Reduced Pain

 Aches and pains in the muscles and joints of the body can lead to overcompensation. This increases the stress placed on other areas of the body, leading to a bad posture and the chronic pains associated with it. By loosening the muscles and preventing the initial pain, massage can negate the need for the body to attempt to counteract this.



Finally, It Helps You Release Endorphins

This will relieve you of your depression and make you feel "high", much like exercise. The release of endorphins will also help with your anxiety, reduce pain, and recover from any colds or illnesses.


Owning your own massage chair allows you easy, convenient, and affordable access to all of these benefits! So in order to better enjoy life, you deserve to have a high-quality massage chair!